On Saturday 9 September the members of the Mid South Coast Amateur Radio Club , the Illawarra Amateur Radio Society and the Goulburn and Southern Highlands Radio Society met at the Fitzroy Falls Reservoir Picnic Area for the Tri Club Picnic. It was a fine sunny day with a light breeze. In all, including wives and children there were around sixty people in attendance.

There were a number of portable stations set up and operating ranging from HF through to 23cm.  The members from all Clubs mingled and much was discussed.

There was a break for the lunch which was prepared by the wives from our Club. The sausages, homemade rissoles (thanks Sue) and onions were eaten on bread and washed down with tea or coffee.  A  very enjoyable meal.

After lunch we gathered together for a few short speeches from the Presidents and the obligatory group photo.

A great day out enjoyed by all
For those who did not come you missed a great day.
Do not miss the next Tri Club Picnic

The Group Photo

The club Presidents
Rob, VK2XIC, Bill, VK2AIY and Martin, VK2VOM


40th Anniversary Meeting

I would like to congratulate all those members that worked so hard to make our 40th Anniversary Celebration a great success.

The weather was just right, the venue was great and the company was first class. It was good to meet so many “old” acquaintances, some of them had travelled quite a distance. Roger Harrison VK2ZRH was the WIA representative and he travelled down by train. Fortunately  Bob VK2TG was able to take him back to Sydney.

Our thanks must go to Jenny and her helper for the splendid meal.

Also to Gerald VK2HBG for all his work in organising the VI2HQ40 roster, and to everyone else who worked so hard in their own way to make things go so smoothly.

Let us hope that we can all stick around for the club’s 50th

Remembrance Day Contest

Gerald VK2HBG took part in the Remembrance Day Contest 2016 earning himself 616 points.   This was enough to gain sixth place overall and second place in VK2



Gerald, VK2HBG
pictured with the certificate he was awarded

Congratulations and well done Gerald

Combined Picnic

A Radio/ Picnic day was held on Saturday 24 September 2016 with members from the Mid South Coast Amateur Radio Club and the Illawarra Amateur Radio Society attending.  It was held at the Killalea State Park


The above picture shows the members who attended with the banners of both clubs.
The picture below shows the whole group including the wives and children of the members attending. Not a large number of contacts were made but much time was spent discussing equipment and radio in general.  Of special interest was the demonstration by Steve who with the aid of his tablet operated his home station by remote control


More pictures and full report in the next edition of the Lyrebird

40th Anniversary Page now live

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to advertise the 40th Anniversary page on this website, which is now live. It will be updated now and again with more information about the upcoming anniversary.

Click “40th Anniversary” at the top of the page to visit it.




SOTA Activation Mt Alexandra (VK2/IL-005)


David, VK2FLDW as part of the VK1 Winter SOTA QSO Party activated Mt Alexandra near Mittagong.  Contacts were made to to Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.  Local contacts to New South Wales and Canberra were almost non existent on the day.  Maybe a NVIS antenna for the next expedition.  David found a comfortable operating position at a lookout near the summit.


Operating position with a view to the Blue Mountains



Logging QSO’s


IMG_1748      Station gear


Interesting contact today with Ade Larsen, VK4SOE/P operating from a hilltop on his family farm near Stanthorpe  Queensland
He is operating a Codan 7727-C crystal locked radio on 7.1128MHz. Yes that is right 7.1128 MHz, that is the frequency the crystal is cut for.
Currently he is operating most afternoons from 14:00 to about 17:00 hrs
See the YouTube video to see his portable setup
Listen out and see if you can contact him

David, VK2FLDW